Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Festival Continues

Got to town a bit early today.  I wanted to visit the sidewalk sales.  At least the one at our local Birkenstock store.  And I scored!
Totally my color, although in real life they are not so florescent.  More of a deep rose.  I found them, grabbed then, and after trying them on, had several people ask where I got them and what the name was.  But I fought them off and they are safely with me. 
I think they will go well with most of my handknit socks.
People watching was going well yesterday, despite the morning downpour we had.  (Only 1/10 inch at home.  Darn.) The canopy above was erected in the afternoon, promising goodies for the sidewalk sale.
And I was right.  This morning it was full of shoes and sandals. 
This morning is a bit quieter though, as the rides and midway have been restricted to special needs children.  I think that is a wonderful thing to do.

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