Friday, March 2, 2012

We're Back

Some readers may know that the end of December I was hit with a double whammy in the employment side of my life.
The lawyer I had worked for the previous two years had finally decided to retire. And at the library, where I worked in the local history room, I and my co-worker were let go the same day. There it wasn't a surprise, but rather a bitter disappointment. We knew it was coming after the director and board voted to reject the grant offered to them that was tied to our department and wages. (They had voted to accept the grant if the restriction was removed, but the Foundation wanted the restriction, so the grant offer was removed.)
But good things happen to those who wait. And yesterday the Terry Wantz Historical Research Center opened, just down Main Street from the library. My former co-worker is again my supervisor/director here and we are happily engaged in preserving history and assisting our patrons in the research of their genealogy.
I hope to soon reactivate the blog we had before, The Cemetery Divas, which was a celebration of history, cemeteries and obituaries. There's is nothing like a good obituary for raising questions and learning about our early citizens.
Now that I am back working, my blogging may be more sporadic again, and my knitting time has been cut back some. But maybe I can again afford to enhance my stash.

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