Monday, March 5, 2012


It's cold! And not just outside either. We are having our second power outage in 3 days. It was out 8 hours the first time, with the restoration being 4 hours later than promised. I didn't hear it go out this morning, but was out when my alarm (battery powered) went off. But the house hadn't cooled too much by then. Right now it is thirty minutes from the estimated restoral time. And the heat is 9 degrees below normal in this old farmhouse.
I repeat, brrrrr! I'm sure glad I have lots of wool. And that Sporto is finished.
Update: just checked on the restoration. It is scheduled for 12 (!) hours and thirty minutes from now. I'm going to look for more wool.

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Oak Haven Alpacas said...

I was surprised to hear you say BRR! :) Somehow I missed out on this power outage. I have buckets of water prepared in case (and my husband has been making fun of me for it).