Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bits and Pieces

The barn kitties were greatly enjoying the heat wave we had.
I was delighted to see such full buds on my lilac. Of course that was before this past weeks low of 26 degrees one night.
I later found out that on branch, with 8 sets of buds are the only ones on the entire bush. Sigh. I rarely get any lilacs. And with the return of seasonable temps, I may not even get these. I wonder if I need to dead-head lilacs.
But then again, the ones that grow wild along the roads never have that done.
These were just some of the church courtyard's many flowers.
Even these survived the frost. I love hyacinths.
I am not sure if I shared that I have spent time working on Hubby's re-soleable socks. I needed something portable, and on larger needles than regular socks, that I could work on when I got my eye exam. I don't like working with size ones after getting those drops in my eyes.
And work does continue on the Misty Blue cardi. I am just a few inches from the shoulder decreases, well past the underarm shaping. Then the cabled section continues for a few more inches, to help form the collar.
I'm making progress. I already have projects lined up for the future: baby sweater for a granny to be (again), and a Hagen original shawl.
I better get cracking.

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