Monday, January 9, 2012

This Swatch's For You

Yeah, Evelyn, I'm talking to you.
In exchange for the marvelous handspun I am using for the Jeweled Sporto, I had agreed to two projects for Evelyn.  One was a purple mohair boucle triangle I posted about last summer or so.  And now she has come up with the second pattern.
A fun swingy cardigan by DROPS Design and Garn Studio called (I think) Medieval.
The swatch though is what I wanted to share.  While I always swatch, I don't always make very generous swatches.  And I don't always wash and dry them.
Ok, I only did that once.
But this is a typical swatch.  I started with the suggested size needle.  That is the bottom section shown below.  Then, the reverse stockinette section is down to size 7.  Finally on the top we have a winner with size 6.
So, as soon as I sort out the tax papers to keep Hubby happy, I will be casting on.

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