Friday, January 6, 2012

Sorting and Planning

I finally got all the yarn wound for the Jeweled Sporto hoodie. I have about 11 or 12 skeins total and plenty of yarn. I decided to just use this yarn for the hoodie, the 2 skeins that are plied on itself, with no white, I may use for a buttoned cowl. In the mean time, the stack of neat yarn cakes all wound up look pretty impressive. That is the start of the hood for my Sporto lying in front of the pile of yarn.
Here is the dark self-plied yarn that I am thinking of using for a cowl. It is a bit loftier and I am thinking I could make a simple short scarf, and add a button to close it to make a cowl to wear under a coat. See how rich the colors are? The roving used was Northern Lights in the Wild Iris colorway. I love these colors.
And as for the sorting part? I used up my gift certificate to get a new tub and shelving rack. Both the tub, (the red lid at the bottom of Gertrude's stack, and the shelves are already filled up. But the good news is that I found some yarn I forgot about (enough Toe-Footsie for a shawl; 3 skeins!)--and some roving I couldn't find (lush Raspberry Bunny, a luxury mix of wool, alpaca and angora).
Plus, look! more floor space!

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