Sunday, January 1, 2012

Adapting to Change

You would think, having lost 8 jobs since 1995, that I would be accustomed to change.  Well, I may be getting a lot of chances to adapt, but it doesn't mean I have to like it.
Case in point (aside from the job fiascos): Presently my church has a supply priest who fills in on a fairly regular basis.  She had some traveling scheduled over the next two months.  So we have another priest lined up to fill in.  However, due to commitments to her regular parish, we will be celebrating our weekly services at 1pm for the next two months to accommodate her schedule. 
I am trying to be openminded here.  But it is hard to plan a noon meal, which is the main Sunday meal here.   Hubs doesn't come with me, so he is ready much earlier for lunch.  I had a plate of leftovers for him.  But it also doesn't help with maintaining blood sugar levels for this poor old diabetic.  I don't usually stay for coffee and it usually is something like cake or cookies.  Besides, I have to help clear the altar.  So it was 3pm when I got home.  I was in desperate need of protein and starch by then.
I'll wait out the two months, although I may miss the week of the Dayton 500.  But I don't think I'll like it.
But on a brighter note, the three wise men and their camels are still on their way to Bethlehem.  I think they will make it by Epiphany.
And did you notice the lack of snow yet at 2pm today?

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Jane Ann said...

Why does that one camel have to be lonely on the lower sill? He wants to be with his friends. Why don't you visit the Newaygo church for a few months? Like a migrating bird in winter...