Monday, January 9, 2012

Here I Go Again

So I was sitting around Saturday. A veritable knitting machine as I plugged away on my Jeweled Sporto hoodie. And suddenly it occurred to me that it was already the 7th of January and I had not even started one new project. Clearly an oversight.
Since I had recently purchased yarn to make my husband a pair of snowplowing socks, I decided to go with that project. While this stupid mild winter has not made snowplowing a priority yet, that doesn't mean it won't snow one of these days. I better get cracking.
The pattern is from the Favorite Socks book from Interweave and as you can see from the picture, the heel, toe and sole are made from a different yarn than the leg and instep. The plan is to use the Liberty Wool for the leg/instep for warmth, and Coffee Beenz , a tweedy wool blend for the high stress heels, toes and sole. Size 4 needles make the project fly, so I was able to make a good dent on the first sock, although this is still a backup project for the Sporto.
I may not have "startitis", but clearly a new project was in order.
And I hear rumors that Evelyn has picked out a pattern that was part of the barter that landed me the handspun for Sporto. Yup, another project starting soon.
If not more. There is another idea lurking in the back of my chubby little mind.

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