Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sporto Grows!

Despite the cranky looking face, I love this sweater. I have a hard time trying to take my own picture. I'm concentrating too much on aiming the lense, and forget to smile.
I tried this a couple days ago. There is still some work to do on the length before dividing the sleeves. I couldn't believe the yoke wasn't long enough, or the sleeves wide enough, despite what my gauge and stitch count told me.
They were right, I was wrong.
I need to go about 5 more increase rounds before I should have the right length to do the sleeve divide. Even when you take in to consideration the curling stockinette, I need a bit more. Even Gertrude says so.
I hope to get these rows done soon. (LLLOOONNNNGGGGG rows!) Then I will let Gertrude try it on again before dividing. I need too many arms to decide while I am wearing but will see what Gertie says. I then want to try some short rows for a bit of shaping to accommodate the girls a bit better. Then back to the pattern, There is some unusual shaping in back that will take in some back bagginess.
And then, once the sleeves are off, there should be much faster progress. Loosing about 200 stitches per row tends to speed things up.

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Jane Ann Jibson said...

My good gracious, looks like you ate a sour pickle. SMILE ;) next time!!!