Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Never a Good Thing

Now that our hay is safely baled and stacked, Hubby was looking for
rain for the next cutting to flourish. Many area farms have had corn
curling. That is when the leaves try to conserve water by curling up,
causing them to straighten and give the standing stalks a spiky
Well, he got his wish. I tried to get Younger Son to leave earlier
for work, because I could hear the thunder and see the dark clouds.
Of course, Mom knows nothing, so he left at the regular time. About
half way to work on his moped, the sky fell in.
Rain was coming so fast and furious I could not even see the home less
than a quarter of a mile away. In less than an hour we got half an
inch of rain. Much needed rain. Younger Son was soaked. Maybe he
will listen next time. (Yeah, right. Like that will happen.)
We didn't get the power outages many areas did, and all seemed well.
Today, after working at my other job yesterday, I came into my office.
I was grousing because I thought my boss had shook his wet umbrella
out over my desk. I forgot the rain was the day before. My desk
calendar and all papers had that wrinkly crinkly look of paper that
was wet and then dried.
Then I went to type up some dictation from the old dictaphone. Nothing.
And that is where the title of my post comes from.
When you look inside the dictaphone, and the tape is soaking wet and
there is water still, 2 days later, standing inside the dictaphone, it
is never a good thing.
Apparently the roof had leaked and later that day, after I had left,
water started dripping. My boss had noticed the drip, but not the
fact that it was hitting the dictaphone.
I am now trying to type from a regular cassette player.
Fun times.

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