Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another Week, Another Wedding

I tried to get this posted yesterday, but naturally, Blogger was acting up again.  So I will give it a try now. This time the happy couple were my favorite former Army captian nephew and his beautiful bride, my new favorite blonde niece.

The wedding ended up being outside, after being moved in and back out.  Since the temps were below 90, I guess they decided on outside.  I had a front row seat and great view. My baby brother (and only brother) and his lovely wife were the groom's happy parents. 

Despite the claims of both sons and the parents that their family has no dancing genes, they actually got up to cut the rug.  Their boys were stunned to see them out on the dance floor.
And just so the picture is complete, here is a shot of the other nephew--my favorite first born nephew with my favorite brunette niece and my two favorite sweater recipients.

Aren't they cute? Saturday was a fun time, and I gained a new niece.

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