Monday, July 18, 2011

Another Finished Object, Sort Of

Last Monday as Spin Guild, Evelyn asked if I would have the Alpaca Silk Jacket for Betty done by the Charlevoix fiber festival.  That is scheduled this coming weekend. I still had a sleeve to finish and the button bands and collar.  As well as the ever dreaded "sewing up".  However I plugged along.  The plugging was made easier when I discovered using a lapdesk on my lap with the sweater on top of it on my lap made the going a bit cooler.
By Tuesday Knit Night, I was able to pin somewhat together.  This picture is just before finishing the sleeve top shaping on the last sleeve. Then the fun began as I started sewing.  I am not a fan of sewing up.
But, inspite of the heat and time crunch, I finished it.  Or my part at least.  I am letting Evelyn add the buttons.  I had a bit left over to put with my two skeins, to make my own cardigan.  Later.
But my portion of this jacket is finished.  On to the next one. 

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