Thursday, July 7, 2011

Life on a Farm

After rain after rain, Hubby is finally happily putting away our big round bales of hay.  It seemed like the deluge would not give us a break.  Ever since the hay was ready it seemed like it was one storm after another.  And the most frustrating thing was that we couldn't find our rain gauge.  Hubby had brought it in last winter, so it wouldn't freeze and break.  All those big storms, and we couldn't even brag about how much we got compared to other farms.
Hubby was in despair.  About both the lack of hay weather and the lack of bragging rights.
Finally, this past weekend, I put an end to both problems.
I replaced the rain gauge.  And not a drop of rain since.  Wouldn't you know it? 

Our own little red bull is very happy.
Hubby bought him for a feeder, but we have had several people express interest in the little red holstein bull, that he will probably have a longer happier life ahead of him.  In the mean time, Hubby puts him on a stake out in the yard, under a tree.  Little Red Bull is quite happy, cutting and fertilizing the lawn.

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