Tuesday, February 1, 2011

That Other New Project

I mentioned the other day that I started a couple new projects.  I showed the new sock project, but not the other. 
I was asked (well actually, I was begged) to use some of Betty Todd's marvelous Mohair in Motion loopy boucle to make some article of clothing for another item to display at the fiber festivals.  With all my outstanding projects I was unstandably hesitant. 

But then the yarn in question was laid in front of me, thrust in my hands, played through my fingers.
What can I say?  Yarn slut that I am, I weakened.  After all, I usually get paid in extra yarn for these projects. 
Here is the beginning.  I am calling it the Caramel Lozenge Shawl.  When I type up the pattern for Betty, I'll call it the Loopy Lozenge Shawl.  I have one strand of the light color, which has larger loops, and one of the darker color, which has smaller loops.  I started at the point, am now working straight, and will finish with a point on the other end of the rectangle.  Hence--lozenge shaped.
Its going fast and even though I have two skeins of each color, I will probably be able to return at least a full skein, and possibly part of the first skein of each color.  These are 700 yard skeins, so I have plenty to work with.

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