Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Beginnings Again

Since I had finished the dishcloths as well as the Caramel Lozenge Shawl withing the last week or two, I have been working on socks, the mobius, and......well, a new sweater.

Here is part of the yarn.  I love the frosty dark blue color.  It is going to be a gansey style cardigan.  And once again, with the help of a couple books on gansey sweaters, I am designing on the fly.  Garter bottom band, front bands in seed stitch, and a plain band before I start the patterned sections.  I also have charted out my initials to go near the right front side in the plain stockinette area. 
It will be an adventure as I go along, and I need to try to graph out the top panels.  So far I am about a inch and a half and almost ready to switch to stockinette.
This will be a challenge to be sure.  And, I am afraid I don't plan on making the pattern available as it will be completely customized.

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