Monday, February 14, 2011

THe Caramel Lozenge Shawl (AKA The Gilbert Shawl)

I mentioned a while back that my Caramel Lozenge Shawl was the same color as Gilbert the mini-farm dog.  After that, Evelyn has been calling it the Gilbert Shawl. But either way, its done!
 Gertrude consented to model it Sunday.  My bone crochet hook makes a wonderful shawl pin, don't you think?   It was a quick and easy knit.  I've written up the pattern, and it will be available through Mohair in Motion, and I may post it on my blog and maybe Ravelry later as well.
I had about a quarter to a third of each skein left over, shown here next to Gilbert, who grudgingly gave a little room for them on HIS footstool, at least long enough for a picture.