Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Great Mouse War

My Facebook friends know that recently, I have been battling mice.  I can't stand the creepy little vermin.
After flushing one out of the dog food in the back room (the grainy kind, not the good Science Diet stuff) several times last Thursday, I had enough. 
A few weeks ago, when the house cat had been playing with a mouse (that escaped when Gilbert tried to help), I had purchased a couple packs of De-Con and placed one discreetly behind the desk, out of the reach of dog and cat.
Who?  Me?
So, since I had a leftover pack, I set it behind the cabinet in the back room, again out of the reach of Gilbert and any stray barn cat that may try to sneak in. 
Next morning, it was gone. 
So, I picked up an 8 pack of little mouse blocks. 
I tossed in a couple morning and evening all weekend, even getting another package of "mouse food."  Because, frankly, it felt like I was just feeding the mice.
But finally today, the two cubes I threw in last night are nibbled on, but not mostly still there.
I may have won at least this battle in the Great Mouse War of 2011.
Now to have a talk with those lazy barn cats.

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