Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oh, Did I Mention Another Project?

Well, if I was going to the Open House, I needed a present, didn't I? 
I found 3 big skeins of cotton yarn and decided on three dishcloths.  But what pattern?
I have a thing about handknit cloths stretching out of shape.  So when I found a round pattern, I figured that was the key.  If it stretched, it should stretch equally in all directions.
Or at least that's the plan.
 I started with the tan cloth, but was having troubles with the lace.  The multicolor one is just 7 short row wedges.  Easy Peasy.  And the red cloth is a mini-Pi shawl pattern.  I must confess, I was finishing the red on after I arrived at Sue Ann's, but she still acted surprised.
And I did mention that I was going to post another picture of the felted roving rug.  Here it is.
 Just lovely.

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