Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spin In Public Day and More

For this past Saturday's World Wide Spin in Public Day, I had a commitment to an event at my church.
We were celebrating our gifts and talents. And so my spinning fit right in.
We had some quilting on display. We had one person who does beading, and showed us how to make Anglican Prayer Beads. I may have gotten a little bitten by the beading bug. (Must. Resist. Beads.)
Another brought an example of her prayer shawls, and some lovely watercolor note cards.
Margaret, my boss's wife does china painting. She did the rose on this little box while Lily and I watched. Wow!
Bonnie had showed the little ones how to make sand painting during Vacation Bible School, so she volunteered to do it again. She had Jan in the morning, and then after lunch, she had a whole crowd making sand painting.

And we even ate, very well--homemade soup and breads and salads. Yummy!
And I could not believe all the different yarn I had on display to give examples of what was possible: Merino tencel, merino silk, cormo, corridale, alpaca, angora and all.
I was rather impressed with the variety myself.

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Oak Haven Alpacas said...

looks like a lovey day!