Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fiber Festival Mania

Another fiber festival this weekend, Friday and Saturday.
The Old Farm Girl, my local yarn store, who has a lovely location with lots of parking, will be again hosting a fiber festival this weekend. I love these events.
I stopped by the store to pickup some yarn she had skeined off for me--a black/gray merino laceweight with silk slubs. It is wonderful and I have to find a shawl worthy of it.
Then I picked up this great Bartletts yarn. (Shown here in the fabulous basket that I got at the Michigan Fiber Festival last weekend.) It is going to be a Wonderful Wallaby for a friend. This picture make it look lighter than the yarn actually is.
S0 of course I cast on immediately.
The featherweight may be in the background for a while.

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