Thursday, September 16, 2010

Keeping Busy on the Farm

Lots of knitting, but nothing that really shows up well for pictures. I seem to be in the black hole stage of both the Wallaby and the Well Traveled Shawl--lots of knitting, but no growing.
I just discovered today that my sister in law--4 years younger than I am, is retired. I am so jealous. I haven't been able to keep a full time job in Michigan long enough to be able to retire, and now all I can find are part time jobs.
How depressing.
On a lighter note though, I will be bringing my spinning wheel to church Saturday for World Wide Spin in Public Day. We are having an Assembly for the Daughters of the King and other women of the area. Our theme is just showing the various talents. I have a huge tub of handspun, and wool, and am thinking I may take the Traditional. It is not my usual traveling wheel, but it does look the most like people imagine a spinning wheel should look like. I may grab a few spindles as well.
Hubby has been keeping busy as well. He is quite pleased with the sweet potato crop he experimented with this year. He just dug another hill. There seem to always be at least one huge potato and then several smaller, almost fingerling sized ones. They are yummy baked.
Then this past week, he came home from the livestock auction (his weekly ritual) with not one but two calves. He had been threatening to buy a Jersey calf for the freezer, as well as a Holstein or beef type to finish out. But, he had two good size Holsteins in the trailer. So every morning when I go out for bunny chores, the red one in the barn is calling for his bucket of milk replacer. He is definitely kept busy with his chores, with these two calves plus one bought previously all on buckets.
Keeps his out of trouble.

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