Monday, February 8, 2010

Off Needles and Button Sewed On

The important part of the title is Button Sewed On. I hate the finishing sewing up. That's probably why I mostly knit in the round with only underarm seaming at the most. As it was, I had to sew half the snap twice. I needed the "inny" turned around for the snap to work. But I do like this. The cables were easy--again I decided to mirror them for myown peace of mind. If I were to do again, I probably would taper them just a smidge. But I think the Nephew's family will approve as it is. Homespun Alpaca, hand-knit for baby. What could be better?
Other than knitting here, it was a great weekend. Racing is back, and I watched the Bud Shootout Saturday. My man Mark didn't win, but did all right, considering he got involved in a couple bumps and bangs. But come this Sunday--My Mark has the Pole. Signs of things to come I hope.
Three more days till the Duels, or as I call them, the dualies, on Thursday afternoon.

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