Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Continued Progress--an Olympic Update.

Last evening, even with some reading time, since Hubby was making his weekly night out at the livestock auction, I settled down with the Pink Lady, a tall glass of Diet Coke at hand, Olivia deHavilland (in The Snakepit) on the TV, and was a knitting fool.
Maybe not a complete fool. I learned Saturday that I cannot sit with all that wool on my lap without frequent breaks to avoid heat stroke. So now, bare foot in my birki's and wearing capri jeans and short sleeve t-shirt is the order of the day while knitting in my corner.
I started the garter band on the second sleeve. I should be able to cast that off tonight at Knit Nite. I made sure I had the larger needle tip as well as the cable and tips for the body.
Maybe I will even knit the body on a 60 inch circ, until I can get a chance to have Gertrude pose with it again and get a current picture. By using the longer cable I may even be able to try it on myself, gingerly though.
Once I start the body though, it will be just some long slogging through the lace pattern for about 14 inches or so. I have to double check the length on my favorite cardigan, but it is close to that.
Sounds like some mind numbing knitting ahead.

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