Friday, February 26, 2010

Down to the Wire

I still do not know if I will finish my February Pink Lady by the end of the Olympics. 
Last Saturday I would have told you no way.  But I did get about 3 inches done on Sunday.  I decided it was less depressing to knit that wide expanse around my bod without adding a marker before I began each day, to see how much I accomplished.  After between an inch or inch and a half each day since, I have about 11 inches below the arm pit.  I think I need to go 13 1/2 before doing the garter stitch border.  And I want ends woven in and buttons on before I call it done.  Off the needles but no finish work would at best be a bronze.
I want to go for gold.
So, I will probably be taking the Pink Lady with me tomorrow when I attend a Spin In at The Old Farm Girl, a nearby yarn/fiber store.  I have a bunch to spin, but I also want to try to get the Pink Lady done.

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