Sunday, February 14, 2010

Let the Games (and the Racing) Begin

At precisely 9:04 Friday, I picked up the Pink Lady and began to compete. (Gilbert the Wonder Dog was a bit poky on his break, so I started late.)
To show where I am starting, below you can see how much of the lace of the body I finished. Just a few inches.
After that long, I decided to switch to sleeves before it was too heavy to have on my lap to keep switching around. I'll go back to the body after both sleeves are done. Below is the back view and the right sleeve.
Only a couple rows of lace done here. And the sleeve in progress that caused the sweater to sit so long in time out:
A few inches on it was where it left off. I did discover one of the other reasons I set it down. I cannot use my Knit Pick needles on the sleeve. I have reverted to a 16 inch Addi Turbo. While I do like the speed of the metal needles, the point just isn't there. I can't wait to finish the sleevea and go back to the KP nickel plated circ needle.
However after less than 24 hours from the Opening Ceremonies, I have sleeve number 1 done. Maybe I better be thinking on a second WIP, in case this goes faster than I figured.
And now, no more time for blogging. Back to the Daytona 500 and my awaiting needles.

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