Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Winter's Fuel

It may see early to be getting the fuel for this coming winter, but you see, Hubby has to get it ready.

We heat with wood and the truck came the other day to make the delivery. While I had watch a previous supplier bring wood I had never seen this one make a delivery. The old supplier had a hydralic set of pinchers and unloaded it log by log, long and fat ones. We had some 3 foot across the end.

This guy, however, has his loaded across the truck bed. He simple removes the metal posts seen in the foreground, and unfastens the cables across the top.

Then he startes pushing it with a giant rack on the front end and it all tumbles off the back. See?
And there you are. This next years wood. All ready for Hubby to keep himself busy.
As they say, he keeps warm twice.

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