Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tour De Fleece Time Again

A year ago I joined the challenge of the Tour de Fleece. It is a spinning race that coincides with the Tour de France and involves setting a spinning challenge that that runs the same length of time as the bike race.
And now it is time to start again, and as soon as I sign off, the Traditional is coming out and I'm off for today's heat. I have great hopes of finishing at least one of my 2 pound bags of medium grey shetland. When/if I finish that by the end of the Challenge, I hope to start in on one of my black. I already have all the light grey that I finished last year, so hopefully, at the end of the Tour, I will have enough to start a new sweater.

Of course, that means I need to get cracking and finish at least 2 more projects before I start anything else.
I did finsh the cotton market bag. It turned out huge. It took 2 balls of Sutar N Cream with just a couple yards let over.

I found another pattern I will try in the future, called BYOB, from Knitty. It has smaller holes. And I have stash yarn to try it out already.

I also tried my Hot Rod Heather cardigan on Gertrude (my duct tape dress dummy). I couldn't pull it down like it should as I should have have longer needles in it, but all in all, I am making wonderfull progress on it. Of course with the Tour de Fleece, I may slow on that a bit.

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