Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Tour is Over--2009

I finished my challenge for the 2009 Tour de Fleece. I got 7 skeins and a plan for a sweater.

If I had this years yarn to last years, and add a skein or two of black and medium grey, I hope to make a shetland sweater similar to the Hod Rod Cardigan, which used KnitPicks Classic Lines Cardigan pattern.

I've been stash diving and have started the black. Maybe I can start that sweater before winter.

Remember when I said I was not starting anything until I finished some of my WIPs (Works In Progress)? I lied. I am working on the Wrap Me Up Shaw, and am on my second square since finishing my cardigan. But I also started another sweater for my great nephew. Well, it has been nearly a year hasn't it? Well, maybe not that long, but I wanted to try out the Kylers Kardigan pattern, It is a garter stitch, top down hoodie cardigan, with pockets and zipper.
And, defering to his dad's desires, it is camo-colored. (I wish they would have a baby girl and give me more color choices. ) Anyway, here is a sneak-peak of the progress. Actually I have started the first sleeve, but it gives the idea.

Also, new water heater installed today. With all our other recent repairs, it never rains but it pours, but hopefully things are done for a while now.

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