Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I have been trying to get a chance to post all week. But, with dial up at home I haven't had the chance to tie up the phone line.
Our delivery of wood for the winter heat has been due all week. Monday was literally washed out when his road was to soupy to drive out with a fully loaded lumber truck. (We get our wood in 9 foot long poles and Hubby keeps busy by cutting that to length.) We have since been waiting for it yesterday and then today, but so far....nothing.
Finally, after doing nothing all morning but waiting...I had to pack up and go to the library to use the internet. I was going through blog withdrawal.
So here I am.
I forgot some of the info I needed to bring with me to refile a new claim year on unemployment. I am cranky and generally frustrated.
Oh, yeah--still no signs that the director has even applied for a grant to get me back. On the contrary, he has been pressuring my boss, the only other person in that department. And the resume I sent to ManPower has come up empty. They got the resume, but don't want to even talk to me at this time.

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