Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Making Progress

Last week, along with my granddaughter, I purchased yarn for her Christmas presents.  The sweater has not been started yet, but I have been making progress on the Turquoise Sockhead Hat.
It has been an adventure.  I usually can come up with just about any size needle I want, since I have a couple sets of interchangeable needles.  But these are knit on needles smaller than the interchangeable tips in the sets: 2.5 and while I had double points that size, I did not have any circular needles long enough for Magic Loop, or short enough to knit in the round.  
This hat started on a circular 32 inch needle.  That was too short to work comfortably so I switched to the double pointed needles.  Those were shorter than I liked with this many stitches so I decided to invest in a fixed needle with a longer cable.  Now I can maneuver the stitches around and it is going much more smoothly.
The hat is made with sock yarn.  That the reason for the name: Sockhead Hat.  There is a ton of ribbing, followed by a mile of plain stockinette so it is fairly brainless knitting.  
I may need to start the sweater once all my other Christmas knitting has all the finishing up done.  And all the presents wrapped.
Obviously these presents will be gifted in the pre-finished state.  I told her next year to give me her knitting requests earlier I. The year.

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