Monday, December 5, 2016

On Again, Maybe

I am waiting to hear about working the recount. I was asked if would help and was told not worry until I was called with the details. Well, supposedly the ballot recount is on, but I still haven't been called with the information on time or place for my county. Maybe they got enough and don't need me. Maybe they are still looking for a room big enough.

And so I knit and wait.

While the Red Teddy still is lacking a face, I have gotten a bunch done on Little Farmer's Hoodie. I'm using the Wonderful Wallaby pattern. Here is the front with the pouch pocket finished.

This picture shows the back with the pocket underneath.

I have knit quite a bit more than shows here. I probably only need to knit another inch or so before fusing the sweater and pocket together. It may be finished by early next week. Sleeves will take the longest. But after that, it is clear sailing.

Depending how much time out of my life, if any, is taken by the recount that is.

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Dawn Bushouse said...

You are the most prolific and talented knitter I know. I am so proud to view your progress on your projects. I am wowed!