Thursday, July 28, 2016

Family Time

Yes, my Little Farmer still loves the kitty. Wednesday he was having great fun, as the kitty did not run in terror whenever he approached.

Pardon my knee photo bombing the photo.

Since Lil' Farm Gal was away this week, I got bonus time with my Little Farmer. Older Son took his lovely bride (and my favorite daughter in law) out for a birthday dinner. Granted, my little guy fell asleep shortly after they left. But any Grammy time is good time.

I had posted work on the present I knit. And here they are finished:

The Almost Lost Washcloth and, in matching colors, three Mini Almost Lost Washcloths. I love my mini versions...they are great coasters. And they could be used for washing babies. And after all, we have a baby coming in less than two weeks. (Pattern link on Ravelry and at

I better get cracking on that baby dress. I still have a couple inches before the front is separated from the back.


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