Sunday, July 24, 2016

Finally! Rain?

I woke up today to thunder and darkness. I was surprised to see the time. But looking outside, the reason was wonderful. Rain!

After a bit, it let up so Lizzie and I ventured out.

The major rain had moved on, although sprinkles returned. There were good sized puddles up and down the drive. That boded well for the total rainfall. We are still with out a working rain gauge since Hubby took over the place I had used. And I refuse to get soaked, wading through deep grass to read it right after the rainfall. I am working on a fix. But I am waiting for Younger Son to cut a piece of wood to set in the front peak of my chicken coop, high enough to get an accurate reading. Maybe next year. Right now, the best way to check rain fall level is in containers. This crock pot liner had been left out for the kitties to enjoy the leftover bits clinging to the sides.

You will notice that our quality control kitties confirming a lot of rain fell. Even allowing for a bit of sloped sides, I would estimate over two inches. I hope it wasn't too late for the corn fields. They were looking sad.

And, yes, while watching the race, there is some knitting.

Pattern: Almost Lost Washcloth. I may do some of the mini version too. I need to seam and draw up the center yet, but will do them all at once.


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