Saturday, April 18, 2015

Two Poems on Knitting

A two-fer of poems for today. Then I can get back to the vest. This back is finished and folded in the bag, waiting for two fronts to join it. Amazing how fast a project flies on size 10 needles with bulky needles. Especially when my yarn of choice is usually lace or fingering weight.

So, to start off, "The Fitter Knitter."

A speedy old lady knitter

Said I wonder if this makes me fitter?

I knit and I purl,

Like any old girl.

Though no fitter, it won't make me bitter.


And this haiku I call "The Vest." Although the vest is for me, it is also in memory of my friend Flo, who had purchased the wool before falling to cancer.


Fluffy yarn fat loops.

Creamy warm stitches of wool.

Loving hug from Flo.


Now back to my yarn.

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