Saturday, April 11, 2015

Racing and Knitting

The first night race of the racing season.

A great time to knit (as though I need a reason).

My Oatmeal Vest is growing a back,

Not many rows until arm shaping's a fact.

But I have to say, as temperatures rise,

Knitting with bulky wool may not be wise.

I guess as the high temps begin making me pout

It will be time for the sock project to start coming out.

Bad lighting in this picture to show the back of the vest, but at least the back shaping shows well. I have about twelve more rows until the arm hole shaping begins. That always feels like the end is near. Especially with the shorter rows.

The socks will be much cooler to knit for summer.

And, I thought maybe Little Farmer had all the blankets he could use since the other Grandma crochets and quilts. But when I mentioned it to Cow Girl, his momma, she didn't seem to think so. So the Spiral Gray Blankie will be back in the rotation too.

I think it will be mostly worked on from home. The increase segment, which comes after seven regular segments each round isn't charted so I have to really concentrate. And concentration is something hard to do at Knit Nite as a rule.


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