Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Out of the Dark, Into Rotation

With the Green Flowy Cardigan done and gone, I turned my attention to the Blue Spiral Blankie for Little Farmer. I find it fairly easy. Except for every eighth section, which requires counting and careful attention. With only two finished projects I am running behind last year, but what I have done make me happy.

But on to the day 21, for the National Poetry Month.

The Blue Spiral Blankie came back from time out.

Time to re-remember what the pattern is about.

Knits and purls and a pattern section,

The design fills me with great affection.

It will remain "at home" knitting, for sure.

Taking it on the road definitely has no allure.

But the go-to project remains my vest.

It will be done before the rest.


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