Friday, March 27, 2015

Progress Continues-- An End in Sight

Now that the sleeves are waiting for their soak and blocking, I finally finished the shoulder seams of the Green Flowy Cardigan. And with those seams finished, I was able to take the stitches off their holders and begin the collar.

Yup, the end is getting closer with this never ending sweater.

I also had time to work on the Oatmeal Vest, completing a couple inches of stockinette past the seed stitch on the back section. That bulky yarn really is not my cup of tea.

So, just for something to it switch up with, I may or may not have started a new shawl yesterday.

More frogged yarn, the larger ball is the same size as the other two cakes. They total at least 1320 yards of lace weight wool. Hand dyed by a friend, and probably sitting in the stash for five to seven years after being frogged, it is ready for knitting. I think it jumped onto a needle when I wasn't looking.

It is being worked up in another self designed pattern, sort of a cross between an elongated triangle and semi-circular shape. It is super simple. Since the vest needs to have the rows counted, this is a better travel and knit night project.

Of course the green sweater will need the collar finished and some seams stitched, but I can see the finish line approaching. Soon.

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