Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Onward! Casting About.

The second sleeve of the Green Flowy Cardigan dropped off of the needles yesterday afternoon and is ready to be blocked with its twin. Since I had not sewn the shoulder seams yet, I needed something appropriate for Knit Night. The Broken Seed Stitch socks aren't that difficult, but a bit of concentration is required.

And sometimes, concentration is in short supply at Knit Night.

I finally decided to cast on my Oatmeal Vest. The pattern is my second from Custom Fit. The yarn is bulky Nature Spun by Brown Sheep that a skinny little friend had purchased for a sweater. After she passed a way, her daughter gave me the yarn. I decided on the vest so I would have enough yarn to make something I can wear in her memory.

I managed to finish the bottom band. And yes, more seed stitch. I will be seed stitched out by the time this and Green Flowy are finished.

Did I mention that the hood of Green Flow has been changed to a collar?

More seed stitch.

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