Sunday, July 7, 2013

Re-Thinking the Plan

As you may know this is my year of knitting sweaters. The Happy Wrap Vest is about half done. The black cotton tee is in time out. (Black is just too hard to knit on size 2 needles.) And the blue Duchess of Cambridge Featherweight is still my travel project. So far this year, I have knit two sweaters for me and three baby sweaters out of the six total I planned to knit this year. I also have one on deck for a friend's baby. I am not worried about my goal.

But having a coming grandbaby has thrown all my knitting plans awry. The three or so I hoped to still knit for myself this year are falling by the wayside. I have a grandchild to wrap in wool.

So over the last week, I have been browsing the patterns in Ravelry, (a social network like FaceBook for knitters, with patterns and other addicting, enabling goodies) and I have been planning my new revised knitting plan. And yes, it is still sweaters, just not for me.

First up, a baby surprise jacket, similar to one I made last fall, but with slightly finer yarn (DK, not worsted) in predominately charcoal gray with red, white and blue stripes. It's Encore DK, an acrylic wool blend. And, okay, it's not pure wool, but more practical for babies.

I have also downloaded patterns for Baby Sophisticate, and the Baby Cabled Cardigan. And I already have the pattern for the Wonderful Wallaby. I may have yarn for that already to go.

But tonight the I cast on. For my grand baby!

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