Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tossing the Stash

My friends laugh when I use that term.  The picture below is just one side of my wool room.  It gives just a small glimpse of my stash. 
Tossing the stash is what happens when I want a particular yarn or fiber.  I usually know where it was originally put.  But often it will get moved.  Sometimes in a sorting/organizing effort.  Other times it will be moved around in an earlier  stash toss.
At any rate, what I'm looking for isn't where I thought it was.
The wool room underwent such a toss the other day.  As I near the end of the eyelet yoke cardigan, of course my mind turns to the next new project. 
(Never mind the numerous WIPS that surround me.)
I did eventually find what I was diving for.  (More on that another time.). But it occurred to me that it wild be a wise and thrifty thing to consider an extensive stash toss shortly before each each each fiber event where there are items for sale.  I found lots of forgotten items.
Now let me see if I remember next time.

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