Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Flaps are Flying

The Toddler Earflap Hat is also a finished object.  Such a quick knit!  Since the ultimate recipient lives in Alaska, I am happy that it seems to be quite warm. 
So now I am turning to my Leftover Pi shawl.  It works up quite heavy, it feels almost worsted weight.  It may end up more of a lap robe than a shawl. 
I think it will be great travel knitting for my road trip today.  Easy and still small, it does however make a large totebag of yarn even though I had to repack my leftover sock yarn into two 2 gallon zip bags.  When it was in one 2 1/2 gallon bag, it broke the zipper!
So anyway, it is onward to Stevensville for the delayed help Christy day with road knitting.
Did I mention I'm not driving?

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