Friday, November 25, 2016

What Black Friday?

No Black Friday shopping for me this year. Partly due to finances, and partly to avoid the mobs. Much of my shopping has been done from my favorite online tractor toy store. That package is due for delivery tomorrow. I do have a bit more to get, but not right now.

I had to make a few unexpected purchases on Monday though. While getting a specific hoodie for Younger Son, I accidently picked up a new pair of barn boots for me, mid-length Bogs. I have a pair of tall ones, but the are tight on my calf, although very useful following blizzards. Now I have a shorter pair for normal snow and rainy farm work.

I also needed to replace the lamp by my knitting chair. I had noticed lately even on the highest of the three-way settings it wasn't as bright as it had been. I was thinking of replacing it someday with a floor lamp, with a reading lamp. Then Monday morning, it wouldn't even turn on. When disposing it, I saw the connection where the bulb screwed in was a bit scorched. Yikes!

I found a floor lamp, less expensive than the one I had spotted the week before while grocery shopping. And it still had the reading lamp. The price was so good, I also picked up a desk lamp as well. Between the reading lamp and the desk lamp, my knitting as well as my reading (especially charts and patterns) will be much easier to see on cloudy days and after dark. Leo thought it worked quite nicely,

And the Red Teddy has grown a leg.

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