Friday, November 11, 2016

The Little Things

It doesn't take a lot to make my day.

A month or two ago, our back room light quit working. Hubby and I changed the bulb. Still no light. Younger Son has a friend who was going to change the switch but he has been busy working on his truck, so we were still in the dark, literally.

Then a couple weeks ago, my friend reminded me that her hubby was an electrician for Ford Motot and could probably handle it for us.

And after a quick visit this afternoon, we have light in the back room.

It was the switch. And not only was that replaced, but he installed a light I had purchased for over the back steps.

We once had a light there, but when the house was re-sided, the installers capped off the wires and left them under the eaves. When the offer was made for a real electrician, I quickly purchased a fixture for over the porch.

I have light! I can see to walk in and out of house with out a flashlight after dark! What a concept.

Like I said, it is the simple things.

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