Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Crazy is Over.

What a relief to be done with that. No more ads. No "chummy" phone calls.

Time to relax, breath and carry on.

Four years ago, I was the one saddened and flummoxed. I honestly couldn't believe it had happened again and I was hurt by those who were so happy and gloating.

Because this was a case, for me, of the lesser of two flawed people, I again chose the one who made me feel the most hopeful. I did not now or then choose due to sex or age, but looked at actions and character and positions. I know many disagreed with me. The closeness of the vote make that obvious.

I sincerely apologize if anything I posted on my blog or on Facebook offended anyone. With 2008 in mind, I tried not to share anything, but I did "like" other posts. If the ideas I liked offended you, again I am sorry for that, although I cannot apologize for liking certain things.

I have admit I am moderately happy with the results. A few months ago, I never thought I would be. But life goes on. I can't always have what I want. No one can. My hope now is that we can learn to live with our differences.


As a side note, working the polls yesterday was exciting even if it was a LONG day. People coming in were smiling. There were many new voters. The only issues were technical and eventually resolved. I look forward to the next time working the polls.

Now, back to knitting.

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