Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Family Affairs

Yesterday I shared breakfast with someone I had never met. We connected through my defunct cemetery divas blog, as well as this one when she discovered we had some family in common.

Among the many pictures she brought was this one of part of our blended great grandparents family. We are second cousins. This was one of several photos that she brought with her.

According to the back of the picture, starting from left is my paternal grandma Edna, holding her oldest daughter Florence. Behind her is her mother Carrie. After she was divorced from her first husband Calvin Jessie, she married Omar, who is seated next. Edna's oldest surviving son Floyd is in front of him. I'm not sure just what he is holding. Standing next to Omar is Flossie, Omar's daughter by his deceased first wife. She is the grandmother of the cousin I had breakfast with. Next to her is her brother, my grandfather Delva who was married to Edna, and father of the children mentioned. Last, on the right is my grand-aunt Anna. She was the daughter of both Carrie and Omar.

So to get things straight, my grandma married her stepbrother. Her stepsister married a cousin. And the search for a common ancestor takes us back to William and Abigail, my greart-great-grandparents and one set of our common ancestors. We also connect through the Fords.

Good looking couple, don't you think?

Best of all, my new cousin likes to go cemetery hopping. There may be a road trip in our future.

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