Thursday, February 19, 2015

Did I Forget to Mention?

That I am still alive I mean.  The cold was nasty, but only involved head and sinuses.  Thanks to one of my Knit Night friends, I recovered nicely, after she introduced me to the miracle that is a Neti Pot.  That little item cleaned out the sinuses and suddenly I could breath again.
Of course the recovery was not without disaster.  When I returned to knitting, once I decided I would live, I continued with the Green Flowy Cardigan.  After knitting about 2 and half rows and just getting to the end of the cable section, the knit stitches weren't where I needed them.
This picture is a few rows beyond the disaster, but the problem was the left cable shown above.  The sets of two knit stitches travel back and forth.  And unfortunately the first row I returned to was the cables.  The last set of knit stitches was cabled at the right place, but I had them traveling in the wrong direction.
I was not in the mood or position to tink back two full rows.  So  I isolated the offending stitches on a cable needle, leaving the rest of the row on the two ends of the needle, with plenty of slack hanging.  I was still so out of it, I didn't even take pictures of the mess.  I had two little cable needles I keep next to my knitting chair so I just used those needles.  I tinked back (unknit) the four problem stitches two rows.  With the aid of another needle (can never have too many!) I untwisted the cable and then twisted it correctly and knit back up those four stitches.
Problem fixed.
But I did think it was best to lay low an extra day on that sweater.

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