Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ok Evelyn, This One's For You

My friend Evelyn just sent me a plea on Facebook for a blog fix.  And since, as is usually the case, Facebook wasn't going to let me comment I decided I better come up with a post from my phone.
Between life and knitting it seems like I've been too busy to crank up the laptop.  And pictures are on the camera, waiting for the laptop. feet volunteered to stand in... (stand in, get it?)  (I apologize for that silly digression.) ...for Gertrude and model Evelyn's faroese alpaca shawl in a quick picture.
It is already in the black hole stage, where it doesn't seem to grow much.  To be able to recognize progress, I move a marker to show where I am when I pick it up.  That helps immensely.
My toes report the fledgling shawl is soft and toasty.  You will love it, if I ever finish it.

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