Sunday, October 9, 2011

Another Finished Project!

The news my friend Evelyn has been waiting for! My red roses triangle shawl is finished.
I cast off yesterday, put in in to soak while I set up my cutting board and blocking squares on my bed. As it turned out, I needed more squares and it barely fit on the bed.
I did notice the wonky center seam and straightened after taking this picture. Now off and folded and waiting for a cooler day so I can show off and get some glamour shots. It will probably make an appearance next week at spin guild. Due to the Columbus Day holiday, no spinning this week because the building we meet at will be closed.
Vital statistics on the shawl. Made with my lipstick red cormo silk purchased from Jenny Setzer's both at Northern Michigan Lamb and Wool a couple years ago, about 8 ounces total, and I have only one smallish ball left. It is a 2 ply that varied from fingering to worsted weight, but I think looks lovely. The pattern is the flower lace from Evelyn Clarks lace triangle book. It measured about 8 feet across the top when blocked, and about 40 inches down the center to point. So pretty!
And Evelyn, there was some swatching going on, in alpaca. But I must confess.....
my poor little Lizzie was awfully cold the last cold snap, and a friend just had a baby girl, so I may have accidentally started a couple other new projects too.

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Jane Ann said...

Oh, this is too beautiful for words.