Tuesday, September 27, 2011

When It Rains....

As if Younger Son's accident wasn't enough, this past Saturday was the topper.
Many friends know that my job in the Local History Room at the local library has been in danger all summer, if not before.  The foundation that fully funded our room always has had certain specifications on where the grant money was to be spent.  When an audit was done, there was no receipts to back up the spending.  And since the foundation wanted to continue to specify where its money was being spent in our room, it was going to require receipts showing the money was spent as it was intended.
The library directory, and under his direction, the library board declined to accept any conditions on the money it was getting, and so they did not get the grant.  (Which, in the past, was the sole means of supporting this room.)
Well, on Saturday I got a letter, along with my co-worker, stating our jobs would be terminated on December 29 of this year.  Ironically enough, the same day my job at the local lawyer's office will end, with his retirement.
But, also ironically, it is as though a great weight has been lifted.  I don't feel as down as I would have imagined.  From being the best job I have ever had, this has deteriorated into a job that I almost dread going to, asside from the fact that I worked with my good friend.  And as our hours were  cut, we hardly saw each other anyway.  But now I can start lookng into new opportunities. 
Which I can almost see on the horizon.
I will keep you posted.

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Oak Haven Alpacas said...

Oh, Linda, I am so sorry!

I love your attitude :)

Likely the weight lifted is that you knew this would happen, it was more a matter of when. Now you know when. It's amazing how somehow, the Lord does provide. Things will work out. Maybe your next adventure will be the best yet.