Monday, September 5, 2011

Power Struggle

What a weekend.
I spent Friday trucking Lizzie to the vet for wellness check, and then getting groceries.  I did some knitting and turned in early.  Visions of a full day Saturday danced in my head.
Alas.  I woke Saturday to no lights, and worse, no water!  The joys of country living.  Even though I trekked to town, and a nearby town, neither of which had power, I still wasn't aware of the extent of the storm, being without access to news.  I had a radio, but couldn't get anything but delayed games, no news.  And even worse, no cell service.  And the house was too dim to do much knitting.
Finally after church, we got our power back early Sunday afternoon.  Apparently at one time 75% of the county was without power!
So life resumes, with knitting.  Remember this?  While I await the handdyed yarn for Betty's last shawl, I picked up my handspun cormo-silk belated Pentecost shawl.  Maybe by next Pentecost.


Diane said...

Hi Linda,

I just discovered your blog this morning while looking for a pattern for a "potato chip" scarf. I am a fairly new "older" knitter.

My husband and I spent the month of August in Calumet, MI on the UP and there were several old cemeteries we drove by which I longed to wander through, but didn't get to.

Do you have information on the Schoolhouse or Schoolcroft
Cemetery on Hwy 41 in Calumet?

We visit Calumet every summer and hopefully next year I can help out with a restoration project or something.

Diane in AL

Diane said...

The scarf and shawl pattern on the Alpaca Life blog is so pretty.

Do you know if the patterns may be purchased for those?

I tried to post a comment to her blog but it would not go to the correct page for me to comment.